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"We ain't both gonna make it. Go... now. I'll hold them off. It would mean a lot to me... please. There ain't no more time for talk. Go.
(John: Arthur.)
Go to your family!
(John: Arthur!)
Get the hell outta here and be a goddamn man!
(John: You're my brother...)
I know... I know."

- Arthur redeeming himself by covering John Marston's escape (high honor).

Arthur Morgan is the anti-heroic protagonist (or protagonist villain) of Red Dead Redemption II. He is an outlaw who fought alongside John Marston and having been raised by Dutch van der Linde. While a bad man who has done some truly horrible things, Arthur can be portrayed in a more positive light with his morality being dependent on the player's actions.

Leading up to the final chapter of the game. Arthur can redeem himself by helping John and his family escape the gang's downfall.