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"Count Bleck does not care about any world! They are all meaningless. Better that I destroy them! Better yet, I shall make it as if they never existed." Count Bleck's plan.

"We will use the pure hearts again this time, to banish the chaos heart. All we need is true love, and that is something I am lucky enough to posses." Count Bleck's redemption.

Count Bleck is the central antagonist of Super Paper Mario. He is a mysterious figure who wants to destroy all the worlds out of grief of losing his loved one, Tippi.


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How he redeemed himself[]

The universe was going be destroyed by Dimentio. When Mario and company destroy Dimentio, he tries to take down the world with him. The only way the world could be saved was if 2 people established their love and sacrificed themselves. Count Bleck decides to redeem and sacrifice himself. He and Tippi get married and disapear.