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Darth Vader, born as Anakin Skywalker is the redeemed central antagonist of the Star Wars franchise.

He is a high-ranking Jedi Knight-turned-powerful Sith Lord in service to the Galactic Empire, the former Jedi Padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the third and final apprentice of Darth Sidious, father of Luke and Leia, and grandfather of Kylo Ren. He stands as one of the greatest and the most popular fictional villains of all time.

He is one of the three main protagonists of the Skywalker Saga, serving as the central antagonist of the original trilogy (appearing as the main antagonist of the first two films and the central antagonist of the last), the protagonist of the prequel trilogy (appearing as the deuteragonist of the first film and the protagonist of the other two), and a posthumous character in the sequel trilogy. He also appears as one of the main antagonists of Star Wars Rebels, serving as an overarching antagonist of the first, third, and fourth seasons, and the main antagonist of the second season, the final antagonist of Rogue One, the main antagonist of The Force Unleashed, it's sequel, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


  • In the original trilogy, he was portrayed by David Prowse and voiced by James Earl Jones.
  • At the end of Return of the Jedi, he was portrayed by the late Sebastian Shaw.
  • In the prequel trilogy, he was portrayed by Jake Lloyd as a child in The Phantom Menace and by Hayden Christensen as an adult in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith with James Earl Jones returning to voice him at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
    • Christensen also played his Force ghost in the 2004 DVD version of Return of the Jedi.
    • Christensen's voice is also heard among the voices of the Jedi in The Rise of Skywalker.
  • In Rogue One, he was portrayed by Daniel Naprous and Spencer Wilding (who also played Frankenstein's monsterGrand Marshal Skaldak in the Doctor Who episode "Cold War" and one of the White Walkers in Game of Thrones), while James Earl Jones returned to voice him.
  • In the television, he was voiced by Matt Lanter in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series and by James Earl Jones in Star Wars Rebels.


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What Made Him Redeem Himself[]

  • He generally cared for his son, not wanting to do any harm to him in the end.
  • He noticed the errors in his ways after talking with Luke.
  • He didn't want the Emperor to kill Luke, so he sacrificed his own life to save him, ending the Emperor's reign of terror across the galaxy.


  • Darth Vader's redemption is often seen as one of the most iconic and best redemptions in film history, maybe even the best and most iconic redemption in film history.