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There is a benefit to losing - you learn from it.

Megamind to Tighten during their final battle.

Megamind is the titular main protagonist of the Megamind franchise. He is the titular protagonist of the DreamWork's 21st full-length animated feature film of the same name, and its short video. He is a blue alien with special talents and genius intelligence, who, after his peers shunned him in favour of Metro Man, becomes Metro City's supervillain and bitter rival of Metro Man. After supposedly defeating Metro Man, he tries to get Hal Stewart to become Metro City's new superhero. However, when Hal uses his powers for evil and destruction, Megamind is horrified and, in a change of heart, decides to try to stop him.

Villainous History[]

As an infant and the only surviving member of his kind, Megamind and his pet fish and soon-to-be sidekick Minion was ejected to Earth when his planet was being sucked by a black hole. During his journey, he encountered Metro Man's space pod, whose home planet was also about to be destroyed by the same black hole. Both of them land on Earth; however, while Metro Man lands in the company of a wealthy family, Megamind and Minion find themselves in a prison. Megamind is raised by the prisoners and taught to commit wrong-doings from a young age. Megamind eventually goes to school, and finds himself in the same class as Metro Man. He is eager to learn and wants to make friends, but is seen as an outcast by his peers, who are dazed by Metro Man's powers. Eventually, Megamind gives into the evil nature he was taught in prison, and eventually becomes Metro City's supervillain and Metro Man's main nemesis.

Megamind's and Metro Man's heated rivalry would continue on for years, until Megamind and Minion kidnapped Roxanne Ritchi on the day of the opening of the Metro Man Museum. After successfully tricking Metro Man into coming into the real observatory when they were in a fake, Megamind orders a death-ray be fired onto Metro Man. While the death-ray is firing up, Metro Man becomes enfeebled and is unable to escape. As Megamind is confused and is in disbelief, the death-ray finally blasts and supposedly kills Metro Man, shocking everyone, even Megamind.

With no one to defeat him, Megamind quickly has Metro City under his influence and steals plenty of its riches. However, with no one to battle with, Megamind quickly becomes bored and feels he has no purpose. When he goes to the Metro Man Museum to blow it up as to put his past behind him, he nearly gets spotted by Roxanne Ritchi, but at the last minute disguises as the museum curator Bernard, and chats with her. In this conversation, he gets the idea of creating a new superhero to battle him.

In his mission to create a new superhero, Megamind inadvertently has Roxanne's Ritchi's assistant, Hal Stewart, injected with a syrum that would give the user Metro Man's powers, but later follows through with this and trains Hal, in his space dad disguise, to become a superhero named Tighten (Hal's misspelling of Titan). Meanwhile, Megamind develops a genuine interest for Roxanne, and in his disguise bonds with her. However, on their date, Megamind accidentally blows his cover, and Roxanne consequently breaks up with him. Dejected by this, Megamind soon relapses into being evil again.

Why Did He Redeem Himself?[]

After embracing his villainy once again, and after waiting for Tighten to fight him, flies over to Tighten's apartment to see what he is up to. He discovers that Tighten (who was earlier rejected by Roxanne) had used his powers to steal, and reveals to Megamind that he never wanted to become a hero. Megamind then successfully provokes Tighten by revealing that he was both space dad and Bernard, and the two fight in a prolonged battle. Tighten eventually gets the upper hand, and threatens to kill Megamind; Megamind barely escapes death, and Tighten subjugates the entirety of Metro City to his rule.

Megamind goes to Roxanne and after some persuasion works together with her to defeat Tighten. They go to Metro Man's hideout and search for anything that would allow them to defeat Tighten, but to their utter surprise they find Metro Man still alive. Metro Man confides to them that he feigned his death because he was tired of being a superhero and found his true passion in music, before telling Megamind to find his true calling. However, after Roxanne suggests to Megamind that they fight Tighten himself, Megamind woefully declines, saying that he'll never be a true hero, before turning himself in to the prison that he had been jailed in numerous times previously.

However, Megamind becomes convinced to fight Tighten again after the latter kidnaps Roxanne and spurs him on television. With the help of Minion (who had fallen out with Megamind earlier due to his covert relationship with Roxanne), Megamind breaks out of jail and confronts Tighten. Megamind uses his brain-bots to his advantage and rescues Roxanne, and eventually he disguises himself as Metro Man to intimidate Tighten. This initially works, and Tighten flees, but he quickly sees through it through Megamind's occasional wonky pronounciation, and attempts to kill him again. During this intense battle, a shrewd Megamind uses his wits and gadgets to his advantage, and surprises Tighten, before using his defuser gun to drain Tighten's powers.

With Tighten imprisoned and his relationship with Metro City healing, Megamind is hailed as the new hero of Metro City. A new museum is opened up for him, and he, Minion, and Roxanne (the latter who he has finally won over) celebrate with the rest of Metro City's residents.